Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm Back!!....with Layla Hologram Effect!

     Hello again Lovelies!! It feels good to be back!! Today I'm back with Layla Hologram Effect in Coffee Love. I took advantage of the offer at and scored this beauty for only $5 and free shipping!! As much as I love great deals, I was really disappointed in SneakPeeq's customer service. It took almost two months for me to get my Layla polishes and my free bracelet came a week later in a separate package. Although they did apologize for the delay by giving me a $10 credit, I let it go to waste because I refused to deal with that company ever again. I do check their website periodically to see what deals they have going on, but I won't be giving them my business any time soon.

     Well on to the beauty that is Coffee Love. I was really impressed with the formula and the nail file was super easy to use. I was amazed at how fast the drying time was in between coats. I used 3 coats total, although I could've stopped at 2. It took me the most 20 minutes to complete my manicure where in normal with other brands it takes me at least 45 minutes from start to finish. I did use my Poshe Fast Drying Top Coat. When you're first applying the top coat it seems like it mutes the holographic effect and I was a little worried that it wouldn't come through, but as it dries the holographic pops right back out and it looks even prettier and shinier!

    I am so in love with this beauty and it is the perfect autumn color. All I need is for this stupid humid weather to go away and get fresher so I can wear my boots and cardigan sweaters! :P

Here she is in all her holographic glory! Isn't she pretty?


In the shade it's hard to see the hologram
      And because I love you guys, I wanna share my ultrasound picture :) I am currently 15 weeks and as you can tell by me being back I am feeling much better!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Reason Behind My Absence...

     So I don't know if you gals have noticed but I haven't been around much on Facebook or my blog and I thought it was finally time (and I think safe enough time) to let you guys know why. So here it goes..*gulp*... I am PREGNANT with baby number 4!!! Yes I know a bit of a shocker especially to family and friends who have to find out through this post. I've only told my hubby's family and my two sisters. But as superstitious as me and the hubby are we didn't want anyone's negativity affecting my pregnancy. Because everyone knows people love to talk and you know that also involves your family. But like my sister tells me "It's not anyone's God damn business how many children you want to have especially if they are not financially supporting you or your children." Well said sister, well said. So with that off my chest I'm happy to say that both the Hubby and I are very happy with the pregnancy news even though I admit it was unexpected, but it is the Lord's blessing and will.

     Well here is the not so great part of the pregnancy and it affects both my Facebook page and my blog. It's not that I want to abandon you guys. I really don't... But.. you see.. you know how every pregnancy is different and weird in its own way? Well this pregnancy is just down right ridiculous and weird! I started noticing this feeling when I was doing my Lion King mani. I just wasn't feeling it you know. After I finished creating it and I looked at it I felt...disgusted!.. GASP!!!.. I know I thought I was going nuts!! How could I be disgusted by something that I loved so much?? It didn't make any sense. And I still don't understand why I feel like this... I literally cannot stand looking at my nail polish or acrylic paint or anything to do with it because I feel nauseated. Excuse my language but what the fuck is wrong with me?? I literally want to take my plastic cart full of nail polish and throw it out the window! :( I hope you guys can bear with me while this phase goes away. And I hope it's soon because I really miss doing my nails. I've tried so many times to just try and sit there and at least paint my nails but as soon as I open the bottle and take a whiff of the smell, I immediately have to close it n put it back. The first time I tried I ran straight to the bathroom to puke out my lunch I just had. This really sucks and I hope I can gain control of my life back soon.

     As I sit here and write this, I am taking sips of my pickle juice because that is the only thing that helps with my nausea. If you or anyone you know ever experience something similar during pregnancy please let me know! I feel so alone going through this because I've never heard of anything like this. I hope you can understand my absence and take pity on me :( If you would like to know more on my experience in this pregnancy please comment below and I might do a post on everything I'm going through because believe me I am going through hell! I've been pregnant four times and this is by far the worst! But I will tough it out even if it kills me because in the end I will be rewarded with a precious angel that God gave me.

    Thank you for reading and understanding my reason for my absence and I hope to get back on my game soon!    -Blanca

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Lion King Inspired Nail Art

     The Lion King is the best animated movie ever. Period. No need to argue because you will all agree! I remember watching this movie in first grade and it quickly became my favorite movie of all time! Yes, it is still my favorite movie of all time next to A Night At The Roxbury. I know I know I'm a dork but I can't help loving me some Will Ferrel. Haha!

     As I was flipping through the channels on my lazy Sunday I came across The Lion King on ABC Family and I left it there! It was almost over but I couldn't help watching the Simba and Scar fight scene which is the best! I love the part when after Simba defeats Scar, he goes up to Pride Rock in a dramatic rain scenario, and starts roaring his lungs off! I get teary eyed every time! I swear I'm such a baby! Lol.

     I was so inspired and pumped about this movie, that I wanted to do nail art! I suggested it on my Facebook page and many fans wanted to see it. I originally planned on doing it Monday but I had an unexpected errand to run and since I was out already i did some shopping with the little sister at the outlet stores. :) I did the design today but as I was having a bad day, it didnt quite turn out how I envisioned it. But overall, it came out pretty good I guess. Lol. I got many compliments on my Facebook page and its always nice to hear great compliments from others even if I didn't think it was great. It really made my day better.

     So here is the collage of my design. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment and I'm always open to constructive criticism. It helps me grow as an artist.
                               Thank you for reading -Blanca

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Many Faces Of Orly Fowl Play

     A couple of weeks ago I won Andrea's from Finger Painting Fingers, Christmas in July Contest. She send me a Sally gift card and a couple other goodies as you can see in my other post. I finally got the chance to go to Sally last Monday and I picked up a couple of Orlys, a China Glaze and the much raved (by Andrea haha) Poshé top coat.

     As soon as I saw Fowl Play I knew I had to get it! I was in love! I wanted to put it on as soon as I got home but my mommy duties got in the way so I had to wait til the next day.

**Warning! This is picture heavy but I wanted to do this beauty justice!**

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My First Attempt At Nail Polish Rings

     Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday with the family! I spent my Saturday (yesterday) with the hubby's family hoping to watch my Texans and just hanging out. I really didn't want to do much but I'm glad I did. I spent my whole day yesterday finishing drying the laundry. I had to go to the washateria because my washer died on me. I hate hate going to that place. Luckily it wasn't as hot as I was expecting it to be!

     Anyways, the hubby and kiddos went ahead and took off and left me to finish up. The hubby said he would pick me up when I was done as my brother in law only lives a couple of blocks down (same street lol) I spent some time with my sis in laws gossiping and making the food while the guy were outside drinking and watching the game. I didn't get to watch it but I'm glad my Texans beat the 49ers 20-9 (doing my happy dance!)

     Afterwards I got to spend some quality time with my nieces Jenny and Ruby, and my daughter Yessenia. A couple of days ago as I was browsing YouTube, I stumbled upon nail polish jewelry and I was so amazed! I was like whaaaaat? (Minion from Despicable Me) LOL. I HAD to try this asap! So I went to my local Dollar Tree and picked up a couple of bags of glass stones. I asked the girls if they wanted to help and of course they said yes if that meant playing with my nail polish. They are into nail polish as much as I am and have slowly been collecting them too. My daughter has a total of 42 minis and some regular ones. My niece Jenny only collects regular size. She wants to make sure she gets a bang for her buck! Lol.

     We had so much fun painting on the stones, even though we did get a headache from all the polish smell. I must say Kleancolor polishes smell horrible!! But they are worth it because the chunky holos are amazing!

     Here are the finished products from our creations. Well not really finished. I still have to go to Michael's to get the ring bases and glue. But that's for some other day!

The top two rows are the girls creations and the bottom one is mine.

This photo was taken outside.

     What do you gals think?? Have you tried making nail polish rings? I highly suggest it! You can put your nail polish to good use! Thanks for reading :) -Blanca

Saturday, August 18, 2012

TOTD 8/15/12

     Today I have for you my Toes Of The Day. I recently received my prizes for Be Someone Cute Dr. Seuss Contest which I won :) You can check out Be Someone Cute's FB page here. She also sells nail polish on Copious! Check out her profile here. She is super sweet and has amazing customer service! For the prizes I chose two Zoyas because I didn't own any and the other option was China Glaze Bohemian, which I already have. I picked Frida (a forest green jelly) and Feifei (I'm not sure how to describe the color but it's like a blue/gray shimmer and it has gold, purple and blue micro glitter) Here is the picture...

     I decided to wear Feifei on my toes. My poor neglected toes :( Ever since I got into nail polish hardcore, all I pay attention to is my fingernails. I've neglected my toes and I feel bad! Oh toes.I am truly sorry for my negligence and I promise to dress you up more often. (Not an empty promise I swear!) I can't wait til Fall. I love me some dark colors on my toes!

     Ok now on to the pics... (Sorry for the crappy pics, the color wasn't really showing through)

  It was nice to be outside and feeling the grass under my feet.

     yup those are my fat toes! LOL

I hope i didn't gross you out with my feet lol.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Texans Victory and Weekend Mini Manis!

     So over the weekend we got together with the hubby's family to watch our beloved Texans play at their first pre-season game against the Panthers. Of course we won because we do by chance happen to have the best defense team in the NFL (IMO) LOL. The score was 26-13.Yes we swept their asses! (excuse my language but I get a bit aggressive and cocky when it comes to my Texans) :P
     Okay so after the game was over we ladies went inside to gossip and drink some Tropical Fruit Smirnoffs which by the way were pretty good! I was a little hectic to try them because I thought *hmm tropical usually means papaya and I can't stand papaya!* It tastes like the way vomit smells. Lol. I don't know if you get that but I'm just weird like that. I say stuff like that all the time and some people don't get it. Only my hubby and that's why we are a perfect match because we are such dorks like that. Hee hee! OMG there I go jumping off subject again! Doh! (Homer Simpson) I tell my hubby his disease of jumping off subjects is contagious! Haha!

     Anyyyywayssss.. So as usual my daughter and niece Jenny are in my room drooling over my nail polish stash to see what new ones I have acquired, when they both come running to the dining room with a whole rainbow of colors wanting me to do their nails. My niece wanted me to paint on her nails a sky with clouds and rainbows. She ALWAYS asks for rainbows lol. So I told her to just pick out a pretty sky blue and bring me the neon rainbow acrylic paints. She had forgotten I do my art with acrylics hence all the color nail polish she had brought. For the blue she chose Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter. Finally another color! She always wants me to paint her nails with Wet n Wild's I Need A Refresh-mint and it was a task as the brushes are super wide and her nails are super skinny! I did her nails in a heartbeat as it is not that difficult to paint clouds and rainbows. This is what her finished mani looks like...

     My daughter Yessenia, as indecisive as she is, couldn't decide what she wanted and after half an hour looking through my stash brought me Color Club's Warhol (A bright neon pink that demands attention!) She told me she didn't know what she wanted so she was letting ME (OMG) free-hand whatever I wanted. I, of course, took advantage of the opportunity as Little Miss Diva NEVER lets me choose whatever I want. : ( But I guess that's good that she has her own unique style and preferences. Unlike her mother that let HER mother dress her til she was eight. *embarassed face* Big Mistake!! I still cringe at the thought of wearing those overly puffy colorful dresses and the gigantic Minnie Mouse bows. Eeek!! So since I had already poured out some neons on my palette, I decided to just dress up her mani with simple hearts and dots. We both loved it and couldn't stop looking at her tiny nails!! Here's what I came up with...

What do you think of my Mini Manis and do you spend time with your daughter(s) doing her nails?? -Blanca