Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Reason Behind My Absence...

     So I don't know if you gals have noticed but I haven't been around much on Facebook or my blog and I thought it was finally time (and I think safe enough time) to let you guys know why. So here it goes..*gulp*... I am PREGNANT with baby number 4!!! Yes I know a bit of a shocker especially to family and friends who have to find out through this post. I've only told my hubby's family and my two sisters. But as superstitious as me and the hubby are we didn't want anyone's negativity affecting my pregnancy. Because everyone knows people love to talk and you know that also involves your family. But like my sister tells me "It's not anyone's God damn business how many children you want to have especially if they are not financially supporting you or your children." Well said sister, well said. So with that off my chest I'm happy to say that both the Hubby and I are very happy with the pregnancy news even though I admit it was unexpected, but it is the Lord's blessing and will.

     Well here is the not so great part of the pregnancy and it affects both my Facebook page and my blog. It's not that I want to abandon you guys. I really don't... But.. you see.. you know how every pregnancy is different and weird in its own way? Well this pregnancy is just down right ridiculous and weird! I started noticing this feeling when I was doing my Lion King mani. I just wasn't feeling it you know. After I finished creating it and I looked at it I felt...disgusted!.. GASP!!!.. I know I thought I was going nuts!! How could I be disgusted by something that I loved so much?? It didn't make any sense. And I still don't understand why I feel like this... I literally cannot stand looking at my nail polish or acrylic paint or anything to do with it because I feel nauseated. Excuse my language but what the fuck is wrong with me?? I literally want to take my plastic cart full of nail polish and throw it out the window! :( I hope you guys can bear with me while this phase goes away. And I hope it's soon because I really miss doing my nails. I've tried so many times to just try and sit there and at least paint my nails but as soon as I open the bottle and take a whiff of the smell, I immediately have to close it n put it back. The first time I tried I ran straight to the bathroom to puke out my lunch I just had. This really sucks and I hope I can gain control of my life back soon.

     As I sit here and write this, I am taking sips of my pickle juice because that is the only thing that helps with my nausea. If you or anyone you know ever experience something similar during pregnancy please let me know! I feel so alone going through this because I've never heard of anything like this. I hope you can understand my absence and take pity on me :( If you would like to know more on my experience in this pregnancy please comment below and I might do a post on everything I'm going through because believe me I am going through hell! I've been pregnant four times and this is by far the worst! But I will tough it out even if it kills me because in the end I will be rewarded with a precious angel that God gave me.

    Thank you for reading and understanding my reason for my absence and I hope to get back on my game soon!    -Blanca


  1. Awwww.... God Bless you Blanca. Hope all eases off & you might be able to get back on the nail grind. Perhaps sitting next to an open window will ease the sense of smell?! Either way, I wish you a healthy pregnancy =)

    1. Awww thank you!:)
      N ur right I need some fresh air! Im stuck inside the house all day n all the smells are overwhelming Thank you!

  2. Congrats! And your sister is right! Wishing you a smooth and healthy pregnancy and that ease up for you physically!

  3. Congratulations! I wish you a healthy pregnancy! :)