Saturday, August 18, 2012

TOTD 8/15/12

     Today I have for you my Toes Of The Day. I recently received my prizes for Be Someone Cute Dr. Seuss Contest which I won :) You can check out Be Someone Cute's FB page here. She also sells nail polish on Copious! Check out her profile here. She is super sweet and has amazing customer service! For the prizes I chose two Zoyas because I didn't own any and the other option was China Glaze Bohemian, which I already have. I picked Frida (a forest green jelly) and Feifei (I'm not sure how to describe the color but it's like a blue/gray shimmer and it has gold, purple and blue micro glitter) Here is the picture...

     I decided to wear Feifei on my toes. My poor neglected toes :( Ever since I got into nail polish hardcore, all I pay attention to is my fingernails. I've neglected my toes and I feel bad! Oh toes.I am truly sorry for my negligence and I promise to dress you up more often. (Not an empty promise I swear!) I can't wait til Fall. I love me some dark colors on my toes!

     Ok now on to the pics... (Sorry for the crappy pics, the color wasn't really showing through)

  It was nice to be outside and feeling the grass under my feet.

     yup those are my fat toes! LOL

I hope i didn't gross you out with my feet lol.