Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Texans Victory and Weekend Mini Manis!

     So over the weekend we got together with the hubby's family to watch our beloved Texans play at their first pre-season game against the Panthers. Of course we won because we do by chance happen to have the best defense team in the NFL (IMO) LOL. The score was 26-13.Yes we swept their asses! (excuse my language but I get a bit aggressive and cocky when it comes to my Texans) :P
     Okay so after the game was over we ladies went inside to gossip and drink some Tropical Fruit Smirnoffs which by the way were pretty good! I was a little hectic to try them because I thought *hmm tropical usually means papaya and I can't stand papaya!* It tastes like the way vomit smells. Lol. I don't know if you get that but I'm just weird like that. I say stuff like that all the time and some people don't get it. Only my hubby and that's why we are a perfect match because we are such dorks like that. Hee hee! OMG there I go jumping off subject again! Doh! (Homer Simpson) I tell my hubby his disease of jumping off subjects is contagious! Haha!

     Anyyyywayssss.. So as usual my daughter and niece Jenny are in my room drooling over my nail polish stash to see what new ones I have acquired, when they both come running to the dining room with a whole rainbow of colors wanting me to do their nails. My niece wanted me to paint on her nails a sky with clouds and rainbows. She ALWAYS asks for rainbows lol. So I told her to just pick out a pretty sky blue and bring me the neon rainbow acrylic paints. She had forgotten I do my art with acrylics hence all the color nail polish she had brought. For the blue she chose Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter. Finally another color! She always wants me to paint her nails with Wet n Wild's I Need A Refresh-mint and it was a task as the brushes are super wide and her nails are super skinny! I did her nails in a heartbeat as it is not that difficult to paint clouds and rainbows. This is what her finished mani looks like...

     My daughter Yessenia, as indecisive as she is, couldn't decide what she wanted and after half an hour looking through my stash brought me Color Club's Warhol (A bright neon pink that demands attention!) She told me she didn't know what she wanted so she was letting ME (OMG) free-hand whatever I wanted. I, of course, took advantage of the opportunity as Little Miss Diva NEVER lets me choose whatever I want. : ( But I guess that's good that she has her own unique style and preferences. Unlike her mother that let HER mother dress her til she was eight. *embarassed face* Big Mistake!! I still cringe at the thought of wearing those overly puffy colorful dresses and the gigantic Minnie Mouse bows. Eeek!! So since I had already poured out some neons on my palette, I decided to just dress up her mani with simple hearts and dots. We both loved it and couldn't stop looking at her tiny nails!! Here's what I came up with...

What do you think of my Mini Manis and do you spend time with your daughter(s) doing her nails?? -Blanca


  1. Loving those girly girl manis! The rainbows are especially cute! Wanna come and do my nails?? :)

  2. Panthers did loss but I still think they are going to be a tough team this year.